Anunnaki: Reptilians in the History of Mankind | Robinson Fowler

Many culures tell us about the existence of Reptilian beings considered as gods: The Anunnaki.
There are many evidences, traces that these beings have left in our history.
The ancients indicated and represented these gods in their paintings, writings, and above all, their buildings, which are impossible to replicate in our present. Their knowledge both technological and consciousness of the universe influenced our history … Even to our days …

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The most frightening forest that Rome had to live | Robinson Fowler

This is the forest of Teutoburgos in Germany, but 2000 thousand years ago three legions of Romans innocently got into the forest deceived by the enemy’s brilliant mind.

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They ended up persecuted, destroyed and sacrificed. For the Germans every Roman who survived the ambush should be sacrificed to his god Odin. In the photo a German priest prepares to sacrifice a Roman. They were whole nights raising altars to Odin. The Romans in boiling large pots were submerged.

All the bodies were hung to the gods of the forest. The Romans awaited their death locked in small cages. Children, women, men were all eliminated. The Caesar shouted in Rome: “Vaaro, give me back my legions”.

They were 7 nights of celebration to Odín in the frightful forest. Varo was the Roman Leader who put the legions in that quagmire. Only Varo’s head came to Caesar. Since his body was on an altar in Teutoburgos.

The Romans most never tried to invade Germany!

Crea tu Agencia de Marketing Digital: 14 Consejos para Crear tu Agencia de Marketing Online (Spanish Edition) | Robinson Hardin

Cómo Crear tu Agencia de Marketing Digital – Online

¿Cómo creo mi agencia de Marketing Online? ¿Por dónde empiezo? ¿Cuánto dinero debo de tener?
Eso es lo que todo emprendedor de esta Era Digital se ha preguntado para poder formar una Agencia de Marketing. Con las tecnologías actuales y el acceso a Internet, se nos abren muchísimas puertas. Un Mundo lleno de posibilidades. Este libro te ayudará a conocer un poco más mediante estos 14 consejos precisos a emprender con tu Agencia de Marketing Online.
Haz crecer crea tu marca, relaciónate con tus clientes, estudia a tu competencia, esto y mucho más para que puedas empezar a emprender tu negocio de Marketing Digital.

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Why did The Dark Tower movie by Stephen King fail? | Robinson Fowler

If you are not a staunch fan of Mr. Stephen King. I’m sure you will not understand much.
You will not understand the plot pain (not visual, the effects were wonderful, no complaints about it) which means for a true fan of this wonderful saga of Mr. King.
I only saw it once. I could not stand it, I could not bear to have to see it again. It was a total fiasco.
I can not understand how this prestigious and good writer has agreed to do the whole saga (which are 8 books in total!) In one movie.
That is a robbery to those who bought their tickets.
And no, I don not complain about the performance of the actors like Idris Elba (Roland, the Gunslinger), Matthew McConaughey (Randall Flagg, the Man in Black), or the performance of the young Tom Taylor, because they did and represented very well to their respective characters. Here the screenwriter is the culprit! What the hell was he thinking?

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It would have been much better if He had made a movie for each book. Until the installments of Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkien had a movie for each book!, even the great JK Rowling with all his Harry Potter books did, but don not the Dark Tower!
The screenwriter was mediocre. A limited plot I don nott know if it would have been better for King himself to take care of his own film, but that screenwriter should be dedicated to something else, maybe to be a plumber or to find pokemon in the city. Or, in the best case, throwing a damn pllamor between the eyebrows. It was a disgusting delivery. With a predictable ending, and with EONES of theft of the argument.
Really a scam. In the end … I don not know if Mr. King (I say this as a writer that I am) was aware of what they did to his work, his opus magnum … Because if I had been the creator of such a saga, I would have denounced them. OMG!

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The Witch, A Tale of Terror: Books About Witches (Spanish Edition) | Robinson Fowler


When the youngest of the Morgan children, Annie, turned eight years old, she didn’t know the fate that would await her. When entering the forest, she and her brother, Bill, will experience an unspeakable terror. Only their family ties will be able to save them … because she has waited for them for a long time, in a forest flooded by her already everlasting evil …







Review: Veronica, the scariest movie on Netflix. (without spoilers) | Robinson Fowler

SYNOPSIS: In the 90s, in Madrid, a teenager who has just done the Ouija with her friends has to cope with the consequences of what has triggered, as it has begun to be persecuted by supernatural presences that threaten to harm the Family members.
Paco Plaza ([Rec], the middle name) directs this horror film inspired by mysterious police files that have never been solved and whose script has written Fernando Navarro (Toro, Anacleto: Secret agent). The main cast of the film is formed, among others, by the debutant Sandra Hunt, with whom we find Ana Torrent (thesis, Yoyent), Leticia hurt ([Rec] ³: Genesis, requirements to be a normal person), Sonia Almarcha (La Soledad, the series vis a Vis), Bruna Gonzalez (Sunday Sickness) and Consuelo Trujillo (the bride, I, too).

PERSONAL analysis — PROS and cons/Good and bad:

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On Sunday, March 18, this year. A group of friends and I met as always in my house, to enjoy this much-heralded great movie. We drank a bottle of wine, this was great for our meeting.

The girls in the group, jumped and promised to spill the intoxicating liquid of their glasses. You know, women are the most usually affected when they watch horror movies (when they are scared).

My first impression was that I expected this film to be an American production. But I got a surprise when I discovered it was a movie MADE IN SPAIN. Thing for which, I had high expectations and at the same time all the opposite. Firstly, because European films are good, but with regard to special effects — with the exception of Asian productions — because in this case the Americans have great deliveries.
Anyway, I decided to give it a chance.

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From the beginning, I intrigued more than too much that a paranormal event began with a police investigation. I mean, the horror movie that has police characters, in my opinion, is a good sign. In fact… The policeman who appears was well represented, even though he wasn’t long in the course of the film. The gloomy atmosphere was very well done.

According to the events of the film, began to develop the characters (both the good and the bad) seemed frightening. Especially the damn blind nun. I swear I feared him more than the entity of the very movie “The Nun”. Those blank eyes intrigued me. And even more so if they came from a nun who in the first instances felt that in the school of the students, all these were witnesses of an eclipse. Very accomplished.

On the other hand, it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Nothing new that has not been done or seen before… There was no “such thing” as wit. And I guess it was because of the fact that this film was based on real facts; real facts that at the end of the film are explained and shown. I think that beyond the nun and the sinister appearance of the body, everything was fine. There was nothing out of the ordinary.

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I must admit I was ripped off by NETFLIX advertising. The film is those that you can’t qualify for either good or bad. And all why? Because the end was the only thing that really left me thinking and disturbed. That’s where I think the climax finally came in. Because for me, the appearance of the evil entity, was only to not lose the intrigue and threads of what they tried to do: a film that was terrible, because it is based on real events, and that leaves much to be desired, because if it is based on real events , this would not have a creative independence as it deserves. The screenwriter skipped, I think, things more in detail than it really happened. And I know that’s what happened with this movie.

The only redeemable thing is the end, curiously the special effects and the music were at the exact moments. Just that. Very sad on the part of NETFLIX for trying to sell a LOOSE movie like this in advertising social networks to users.

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So this movie I give: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★/10 Stars. And I’m taking a chance, Rick! 🙁

My first Post! | Robinson Fowler

Hi everyone! I am a writer. This is my first post and I just want to write 27 words FOR YOU. See you in this, my NEW WORLD!