The most frightening forest that Rome had to live | Robinson Fowler

This is the forest of Teutoburgos in Germany, but 2000 thousand years ago three legions of Romans innocently got into the forest deceived by the enemy’s brilliant mind.

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They ended up persecuted, destroyed and sacrificed. For the Germans every Roman who survived the ambush should be sacrificed to his god Odin. In the photo a German priest prepares to sacrifice a Roman. They were whole nights raising altars to Odin. The Romans in boiling large pots were submerged.

All the bodies were hung to the gods of the forest. The Romans awaited their death locked in small cages. Children, women, men were all eliminated. The Caesar shouted in Rome: “Vaaro, give me back my legions”.

They were 7 nights of celebration to Odín in the frightful forest. Varo was the Roman Leader who put the legions in that quagmire. Only Varo’s head came to Caesar. Since his body was on an altar in Teutoburgos.

The Romans most never tried to invade Germany!